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For online experts and coaches ready to ditch the launch flops and revenue rollercoaster for a customized brand and marketing strategy that turns clicks into customers!

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Launching an online business is hard.
Attracting customers and building your brand is even harder!

You are amazing at what you do and you've helped many of your customers get results. If you were in a room full of your dream clients and customers, they'd trample over each other trying to work with you. But when it comes to your online launches you haven't quite figured out what works best for you.

You're ready to turn your idea into a multiple six-figure income but you're not sure which strategy works best for you...

the Open/close Cart

You see offers all the time with countdown timers and cart closing notices. These offers are usually a mid-ticket price point and bring in an influx of cash.

Now you're wondering...

Should I use a pressure launch? How long should the cart stay open? How many emails do I need to send to my list? What do I do after the cart closes?

The Micro/tiny/Pocket Offer

Everywhere you look there are low ticket offers gracing your social feeds. They are super popular! It seems like it's a good idea for your offer.

But you're probably thinking...

Will a low-ticket offer work for me if I sell higher priced services? Won't it make my product look cheap? How much do I need to include in a low-ticket offer?

The high-ticket webinar

Or maybe it's best to go with a webinar for your high ticket offer. This way you can get potential clients on the phone and enroll them into your coaching program.

Now you're considering...

Should I use a live or automated webinar? Do I use a just in time countdown or instant access? Send to an Application or Buy Now Button?

There are so many options and the one you choose will make all the difference in a launch that sizzles and a launch that fizzles.

Let me help you get clarity on the exact steps to focus on right now!

- Lana O.

Felicia is the Full package

"She understands effective branding, website creation, sales funnels, email marketing, and how to plan it all out to maximize sales and customer retention. I cannot recommend working with Felicia enough. I continue to work with her because of her organization, ability to respond quickly, and commitment to continually learning and staying on top of the latest technology relevant for my business."

Could you imagine what it would feel like to...

This is ALL possible for you and there is no better way to make it happen than with guidance from an expert team of professionals.

sales with more ease and without hesitation

Felicia has this unique ability to take what you tell her, to really listen to you (not only your words, but how you say them), the energy that you give off and she's able to create a visual experience that conveys all of that. I think it could probably best be said that Felicia could literally take your essence, put it in a bottle and then release it on a web page. I’m getting sales with more ease, without as many questions or without as much hesitation from potential clients because it's all spelled out on the page and laid out in a way that's easy to understand. They're able to land on that page, not only read my words, but see the value, experience my energy before we ever worked together and that's making their buying decision that much easier.

- Concita T.

hello boss!

I'm Felicia Chanell

Certified digital marketer & Brand Strategist

I collaborate with entrepreneurs to brand and market digital products, programs, and services. I know exactly what it feels like to work really hard at creating an offer only to launch it and no one buys. Or worse yet, a handful of people buy and you have to commit to the program you promised. 

It wasn't until I started to present the right offer to the right client at the right time that I was able to bring in consistent five figure months and grow my business.

My mission is to transform misaligned businesses into memorable, magnetic brands so they can impact the world! The world shouldn't have to wait another minute, another hour, another day to be impacted by your brilliance. Let's work together to makeover your brand.

- Hilary S.

Everything was taken care of for me

I have been on many different platforms. I was tired of housing and paying annually on other platforms for my content and courses. When Felicia suggested I should bring all of this over to one site so I can have control of my branding and functionality, I knew that was the answer. My favorite part of the project is that I didn’t have to do anything. Everything was taken care of for me. All of my videos and worksheets were done for me and uploaded to the platform. It was such a relief!

Here Is A Brief Summary Of What's Possible

BossBabe's Insta Influence Kit

Logo Design & Sales page DeSign

"Felicia was an absolute pleasure! She took the time to understand what our needs were for our recent marketing campaign. During our time working together, Felicia was responsive, professional, and paid attention to detail. By the end of the project, she was able to produce a beautifully designed product logo and brand new funnel page for our Insta Influence Kit."


Jessie Mundell's Custom Course Platform on WordPress

Membersite Design & Development

"There were so many problems on the old membership site. The main one being it was too manual and it required so much of us to keep tabs on every member. All the way from when they were coming in for the very first time to when they would cancel. We needed a simpler way. Number one, it’s so much prettier and that’s what we wanted. And secondly, I don’t have to keep track on multiple different websites. I don’t have to train my staff to learn multiple different websites. It’s all in one spot, which is a big bonus for some of our customers who had multiple different programs. They can log in all in one space. Overall, it’s so much more seamless and where I think the business should look at this point."


Courtney Rowsell's Brand and Website Makeover

Brand Makeover

"The results of my brand reveal and website launch have been incredible. When I posted that the site was live, the feedback from my customers and followers were that they were so impressed. In terms of actual tangible results, within the first two hours, I converted a new coaching client. Then, within four hours I had two speaking engagements and it had been six months since my last speaking engagement. If you're struggling to make an impact, to have the presence and really feel that you’re putting your best self out there. That you feel best represents your offering, who you are, and what you bring to the world, then Felicia can do that for you."


client love

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